PVC windows and doors in Palermo


High quality products

For over 20 years, the company 2M has been specializing in the construction of PVC windows and doors in Palermo.
The industry innovation has allowed customers to feel more and more satisfied and to find cutting-edge solutions for all needs.
Our windows and doors not only allow a correct protection from atmospheric agents, but also keep all the connected supports stable.
Our work is carried out with care by a highly professional staff, thus giving customers an outstanding service.
All the labours are carried out in very short times, as established from the initial estimate, so as to meet all customers’ demands.
Well-done works in a very short time: this is what 2M is all about! We offer state-of-the-art services at very competitive prices.
Every projects, PVC windows and doors, are made to the highest standards, in compliance with the strict regulations on energy saving.
Infissi pvc a Palermo